How Often Should You Have Your Car Waxed?

Whether you want to keep your car looking good for a long time or protect it from the elements, you should know when to wax it. Some people wax their cars every few weeks, while others prefer a year-round showroom finish. While it’s not mandatory, maintaining your vehicle’s appearance will improve your overall ownership experience. If you own an older car, you may need to wax it more frequently. Newer vehicles are typically in better condition, so they don’t need as much work to look good. However, if you’re purchasing a new car, you’ll need to consider how often to wax it. Some detailers recommend waxing your car three times a year, while others suggest waxing it just a few times.

Having your car waxed is a great way to keep your car looking great and protects the finish of your vehicle from pollution and the elements. Having your vehicle waxed regularly is also an excellent idea to increase its resale value. Good quality car wax is a great way to protect your vehicle’s paintwork and increase its resale value. Not only will it keep the paint looking good, but it will also give your car a ‘new car’ look. It means that you will have a much easier time selling your vehicle if the time comes to part ways. The paintwork is the first thing a buyer will see when looking at your vehicle. It could balloon into more significant rust-laden issues if this seems dull or has minor dents. Investing in quality car wax is an easy way to prevent these problems. You can then make up for any minor repairs later on.

One thing to be aware of is that a rusted exterior will not only look bad but will reflect negatively on the resale value of your car. Consider using a sealant. It will help to protect your paintwork against UV rays and other natural compounds. Whether you are new to waxing your car or an experienced waxer, you should follow a few tips to ensure the job goes well. First, it’s essential to wash the car before you begin. It helps remove dirt and other debris that can scratch your vehicle’s clear coat. It also allows the color of the paint to show through. After the car is completely dry, apply the wax in a small, circular motion. A microfiber towel buff the surface to increase the shine. After applying the wax, it will dry in a couple of minutes. When it’s scorched, it will feel chalky. You can remove the wax with a microfiber towel or chamois. Be sure to follow the instructions on the wax package to ensure you are applying the wax correctly. The directions will vary depending on the brand and type of polish you use. The last thing you want to do is remove the wax with the proper tools.